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In what month was the mushroom picked (or harvested)?
We are now in february

In what area or environment was the mushroom picked (or harvested)?
Deciduous forest
Coniferous forest
Prairie or meadow
Lawn or garden
Not known

Does the mushroom grow on wood? Does the mushroom grow in clumps?
Not known

The fungus does it clump?
Not known
The English translation from French is not finished and the database is being enriched. Thank you point out any errors.
Amanita echinocephala (Amanite hérisson)Edible
Amanita unbrinolutea (Amanite brun jaune)Edible
Armillaria bulbosa (Armilaire bulbeuse)No edible
Boletus cavipes (Bolet a pied creux)Edible
Boletus cramesinus (Bolet cramoisi)Edible
Boletus crocipodius (Bolet a pied safran)Edible
Boletus lividus (Bolet livide)Edible
Boletus parasiticus (Bolet parasite)Edible
Boletus subtomentosus (Bolet subtomenteux)Good edible
Boletus versicolor (Bolet multicolore)Edible
Boletus viscidus (Bolet visqueux)Edible
Calodon ferrugineum (Hydne ferrugineux)No edible
Clitocybe dealbata (Clitocybe blanchi)Toxic
Clitocybe gibba (Clitocybe en entonnoir)Edible
Collybia platyphylla (Collybie a larges lames)Edible
Cortinarius anomalus (Cortinaire anormal)Edible
Cortinarius bolaris (Cortinaire teint en rouge)No edible
Cortinarius bulliardi (Cortinaire de Bulliard)Edible
Cortinarius calochrous (Cortinaire a belle couleur)No edible
Cortinarius cotoneus (Cortinaire d)No edible
Cortinarius cyanopus (Cortinaire a pied bleu)No edible
Cortinarius delibutus (Cortinaire enduit)No edible
Cortinarius forvus (Cortinaire farouche)No edible
Cortinarius glaucopus (Cortinaire a pied glauque)No edible
Cortinarius humicola (Cortinaire terrestre)No edible
Cortinarius infractus (Cortinaire a marge brisee)No edible
Cortinarius phoeniceus (Cortinaire Phenicie)Toxic
Cortinarius pholideus (Cortinaire a armille ecailleux)No edible
Cortinarius purpurascens (Cortinaire purpurescent)No edible
Cortinarius semisanguineus (Cortinaire à moitie sanguin)Mortal
Cortinarius turmalis (Cortinaire fascicule)No edible
Drosophila hydrophila (Hypholome hydrophyle)Bad edible
Drosophila velutina (Hypholome lacrymaire)Good edible
Dryodon coralloides (Hydne corail)No edible
Geophila sublateritia (Hypholome Briquete)Toxic
Gomphidius viscidus (Gomphide visqueux)Edible
hydrophorus marzuolus (Hygrophore de mars)Edible
Hygrophorus conicus (Hygrophore conique)Toxic
Hygrophorus limacinus (Hygrophore limace)Edible
Hygrophorus niveus (Hygrophore blanc)Edible
Hygrophorus penarius (Hygrophore comestible)Edible
hygrophorus poetarum (Hygrophore des poetes)Edible
hygrophorus puniceus (Hygrophore rouge ponceau)Edible
Hypholoma candolleana (Hypholome de De Candolle)No edible
Inocybe jurana (Inocybe du jura)Toxic
Inocybe maculata (Inocybe macule)Toxic
Lactarius flavidus (Lactaire jaunatre)No edible
Lactarius fulvissimus (Lactaire fauve)Bad edible
Lactarius mitissimus (Lactaire doux)No edible
Lactarius tabidus (Lactaire deperissant)Bad edible
Lactarius vietus (Lactaire fane ou flasque)No edible
Lepiota bresadolae (Lepiote de Badham)Toxic
Lepiota excorcia (Lepiote excorciee)Good edible
Lepiota ignivolvata (Lepiote a base rouge)No edible
Lepiota josserandii (Lepiote de josserand)Mortal
Lepiota rhacodes (Lepiote deguenillee)Edible
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus (Phyllopore)Not known
Psalliota silvatica (Agaric des forets)Good edible
Cuphophyllus berkeleyi (Hygrophore de Berkeley)No edible
Cuphophyllus cereopallidus (Hygrophore cireux pâle)No edible
Cuphophyllus colemannianus (Hygrophore de Colemann)No edible
Cuphophyllus fuscescens (Hygrophore brunâtre)No edible
Cuphophyllus grossulus (Cuphophyllus grossulus)No edible
Cuphophyllus lacmus (Cuphophyllus lacmus)No edible
Cuphophyllus lilacinus (Hygrophore lilacin)No edible
Cuphophyllus russocoriaceus (Hygrophore à odeur de cuir de Russie)No edible
Cuphophyllus subradiatus (Hygrophore à marge striée)No edible
Cuphophyllus xanthochrous (%)No edible
Hygrocybe aurantiolutescens (Hygrophore jaune orangé)Not known
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendens (%)Not known
Hygrocybe ceracea (Hygrophore céracé)Not known
Hygrocybe cinereifolia (Hygrophore à lames cendrées)Not known
Hygrocybe conicoides (Hygrophore faux conique)Not known
Hygrocybe euroflavescens (Hygrophore jaunâtre)Not known
Hygrocybe glutinipes (Hygrophore à pied visqueux)Not known
Hygrocybe intermedia (Hygrophore intermédiaire)Not known
Hygrocybe konradii (Hygrophore de Konrad)Not known
Hygrocybe marchii (Hygrophore de March)Not known
Hygrocybe olivaceonigra (Hygrophore olivacé)Not known
Hygrocybe paraceracea (%)Not known
Hygrocybe phaeococcinea (%)Not known
Hygrocybe pseudoconica (Hygrophore noircissant)Not known
Hygrocybe quieta (Hygrophore tranquille)Not known
Hygrocybe reae (Hygrophore de Rea)Not known
Hygrocybe riparia (Hygrophore des rives)Not known
Hygrocybe spadicea (Hygrophore brun de datte)Not known
Hygrocybe splendidissima (Hygrophore splendide)Not known
Hygrocybe tristis (Hygrocybe triste)Not known
Hygrocybe vitellina (Hygrophore jaune d oeuf)Not known

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